One time I had to persevere at at ski camp in 2019. it was my first time going skiing and seeing snow. We went to round hill ski fields, I was on level one it was the first day there at 12 pm and the instructer  told me I can move up to the pomer  for the rest of the day. And then on day two  I level two and three and then I went on level 4 it was hard but I didnt give up.

hi there world

Hi I come from South Africa and when I was 8 years old mum and dad decided to come to New Zealand because they wanted to have a better future for me and my three other siblings. Five weeks before we came to NZ,my grandmother died from cancer.My Mum and Dad are working on a dairy farm.I love dogs and horses and we have two dogs were we live now.We live in the north otago district.I love sports my favourite sport is rugby.